Altperks: Local Deals For Local Publishers

SEATTLE, WA – Index Newspapers, home of the Seattle Stranger and Portland Mercury today announced the launch of Altperks LLC, a “deals” ad network for local publishers, and the addition of the Eugene Weekly and Texas based to its network of publishers.

Altperks is the hyperlocal alternative to Groupon and Living Social, started by the good folks at Index Newspapers. Altperks allows publishers to sell half-off gift certificates, called Perks, on food, merchandise and services from their local advertisers to their faithful readers. Participating advertisers use their Perk revenue for trade on display ads space in the paper. When publishers partner with Altperks they make money, attract new advertisers and reward their readers with great bargains at their favorite local stores.

Although Altperks LLC is a new company, Index Publishing has been around for years, with a superior track record of successful publications (The Stranger, The Portland Mercury) and products for publishers (Foundation, Cocktail Compass).

Tim Keck, founder and Publisher of Index Newspapers joined forces with Pete Schwab ( to foster and grow Altperks. “Pete’s experience with the yellow pages gives him a keen understanding of local advertising,” said Keck. “Print publishing companies are struggling to grow their online presence in a rabidly changing ad market. Altperks is fighting back with proven, innovative solutions for alternate online income. Expanding the network to other alt-weekly publishers is the logical the next step and I trust Pete to take us there.”

“We are excited to welcome the Eugene Weekly to the Altperks family.” Schwab added. “They have great local coverage and the brand is strong. With Portland and Bend already on the network we are ready to deliver killer deals all across Oregon. As our network expands into new markets we are looking for partners who are committed to a local voice. Who fits that criteria better than AAN publishers?”

Altperks really works. It works for individual papers, getting new advertisers into print. It works for readers, giving them awesome deals at new businesses they may not have tried before. And it works for sales teams, giving them something new to offer current clients.

Altperks is built by publishers for publishers. “We know it works because we use it ourselves.” said Keck.

Developed in Portland in 2009, the Altperks network includes Seattle, Portland, Bend and Eugene, Oregon, and the Texas skate community New cities, publishers and online communities are coming soon.

“Our gift certificate program has given our business a competitive boost in the region. With pressure from nationals like Groupon and local start-ups with similar discount products, the sales environment has changed rapidly. Having a product like SourcePerks has allowed us not only to remain competitive with our current base of advertisers, but to enhance our appeal with a product that is an easy entry for advertising.” Aaron Switzer, The Source Weekly, Bend, OR

Altperks is one of the most innovative advertising programs available to small businesses, and a smart, unique way for publishers to give back to their readers, maintain current advertisers and build future clients. For more information, contact Pete Schwab at

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