ASA Announces Award for Reporting of Social Issues

Washington — October 20, 2004 — The American Sociological Association is pleased to announce the launch of an award for the media, the ASA Award for Excellence in the Reporting of Social Issues. This award honors individuals for their public promotion of sociological findings and a broader vision of sociology.

Journalists who have made contributions through any medium of public communication that increases the understanding of sociology or the social sciences in general are encouraged to apply. The ASA would like to recognize the work of those who have been especially effective in disseminating sociological knowledge, perspectives, and research to the general public.

The ASA is cognizant of the fact that there are many professionals (e.g., journalists, filmmakers, producers) who translate and interpret a wide range of information, including sociological research, for the lay public. This award is intended to encourage and reward work that promotes a broader vision of sociology and serves ASA’s mission to gain public support for the sociological discipline.

In order to be eligible, a nominee must have made noteworthy contributions through any medium of public communication to increase the understanding of sociology. He or she cannot be a professional sociologist; therefore membership in ASA is not required. The award is not for the purpose of recognizing a published piece but rather for recognizing an individual (e.g., writer/producer/editor). Thus nominators must provide an account of the nominee’s major contributions to furthering or influencing the public’s awareness and appreciation of sociology.

The first award will be given at the 2005 ASA Annual Meeting in Philadelphia. The award will then be presented each August at subsequent ASA Annual Meetings. ASA will pay for the travel and hotel expenses for the award winner.

Nominations are invited from both sociologists as well as media personnel themselves. Nominations should be submitted to the American Sociological Association via e-mail to or by mail to the ASA at 1307 New York Avenue, NW, Suite 700, Washington, DC 20005. Nominations for the 2005 award must be received by November 30, 2004, and by June 1 each year hereafter.

Nominations should include an account of the nominee’s major contributions to furthering the public appreciation of sociology. Examples (e.g., video, printed material) may be included with the nomination. For more information, visit the ASA Web site.

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