“¡Ask a Mexican!” Column Ending

Gustavo Arellano has resigned from OC Weekly and will no longer write the ¡Ask a Mexican! column, which runs in several AAN papers:

With me leaving the Weekly, I also must leave behind ¡Ask a Mexican! See, I don’t own the trademark to the title, and I’m can’t pay muchos pesos for something that the paper’s owner (or the ones before him) should’ve given to me as a gift for 13 years of being the hardest-working Mexican this side of Beto Durán.

I thought about continuing under a different name (¡Ask a Pocho! ¡Query a Mexican! )But then I realized I don’t have to continue the column anymore . . . we’re now at a place where whip-smart humor is at the touch of a meme. Where our political and economic power continues to soar like voladores totonacos. We live in an era where everyone can be a defender of la raza against gabachos, whether said gabas assault us or try to claim Rick Bayless is great.

In other words, ¡Ask a Mexican! is no longer necessary because Mexicans have won a war that began when Sir Francis Drake sunk the Spanish Armada. We’re here, y no nos vamos. We’re victims no longer. And the sooner Mexicans realize this, the better we’ll be. (See full story at the Santa Fe New Mexican)

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