At Awards Lunch, Dan Savage Does ‘Savage Love Live’

At the 14th annual AltWeekly Awards luncheon today in Tucson, there were no half-naked men and no bottles of Jim Beam. But that didn’t stop The Stranger editorial director and syndicated columnist Dan Savage from once again making the ceremony his own as he reprised his role as emcee.

Saying that reading peoples’ names was too boring, Savage announced that he’d read through the winners quickly and take written questions from the audience in what he dubbed “Savage Love Live.”

The questions ran the gamut. There were the ones you’d see in any week’s edition of “Savage Love,” about Fleshlights, Santorum and anal sex. Then there were the ones you probably won’t see in the syndicated column anytime soon, most of which involved AAN executive director Richard Karpel.

Savage rated Karpel a “hot daddy,” likening him to an attractive math teacher. At one point, Savage rightly noted that he was “objectifying Richard Karpel viciously.”

As for the awards themselves, L.A. Weekly led the large-circulation division for the second year in a row with four first-place wins, while Santa Fe Reporter led the small-circulation division, also with four first-place wins.

Washington City Paper, City Pages, Phoenix New Times and The Village Voice all fared well in the large-circulation division with more than one first-place win each. Among the smaller papers, Folio Weekly, Metro Pulse and The Texas Observer also each had more than one first-place win.

For a full list of winners and placements, click here. (We’ll update this story with the actual HTML list next week.) For links to many of the winning entries, click here.