Avenews Launches New Balloting and Survey Software


Lia Pretorius
Phone: (801) 983-5475
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Email: liap (at) avenews.com

BeedFack is a complete ballot and survey web engine designed to take the headache out of conducting large-scale reader’s polls and managing associated editorial workflow and output.

Designed with publishers and marketing professionals in mind, initial feedback on the redesigned software has been very positive. “We’re very proud of this software and feedback from our customers supports that. We have a unique inside perspective on what a publication’s needs are when it comes to doing large-scale reader’s polls. We’ve combined that with incredible feedback we’ve collected from our clients over the past several years and it shows,” says Lia Pretorius, general manager for Avenews.

Jerre Wroble, editor for Salt Lake City Weekly, said: “We used Avenews balloting software last year and liked it so we were pleased to see the beefed up capabilities of BeedFack. My staff is embracing it, finding it easy and fast. The best part is that once we’ve used the system for a Best Of, it remembers all write-ups, winners and locations so each year the process is quicker and easier.”

BeedFack provides a variety of surveys, both simple and complex, including the infamous ‘Best Of’ reader’s poll utilized by so many publications. Offering a level of flexibility and customization uncommon to other survey products is one way BeedFack addresses the challenge of enabling customers to conduct their survey their way.

Some of the most frustrating issues facing publishers, editors and business managers when conducting reader’s polls have been greatly minimized or eliminated by BeedFack including ballot stuffing, combining reader’s responses with misspellings and abbreviations, combining paper ballot with online votes, managing winner details and managing the write-up process for reader and staff picks. Current customers who require staff pick submissions via BeedFack all year long are eliminating a large part of the final ‘crunch’ before publication date and finding it much easier to manage authors throughout the process.

Those who use BeedFack can also brand their surveys, encourage viral distribution of their ballots, track voting statistics, output to various layout programs and export data to Microsoft™ Excel. The output function provides unprecedented flexibility to choose number of winners, locations, order of information and much more.

For more information or a demonstration of BeedFack, email info (at) beedfack.com or call (801) 575-7003.

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