Bay Guardian, SF Weekly Reach Settlement

With minimal fanfare, the San Francisco Bay Guardian and SF Weekly both announced today that the two parties have “settled their differences on mutually acceptable terms.”

The terms of the settlement are not being disclosed by either party, and with that, their years-long crosstown legal battle comes to a quiet close.

Tim Redmond thanked the SFBG attorneys in a blog post:

The Guardian’s legal team toiled for more than six years to bring this case to trial, to preserve the trial result on appeal, and to attempt to enforce the judgment and negotiate the settlement. Ralph Alldredge, Richard P. Hill and E. Craig Moody handled the trial. Joseph Hearst joined in for the appeals work. And Jay Adkisson took on the collections work.

Thanks, folks. You preserved a crucial state law, and you proved that persistence in the pursuit of justice is worthwhile.

Meanwhile, on the VVM corporate blog, Andy Van De Voorde lets it be known that the settlement will not spell the end of the crosstown rivalry:

SF Weekly and will continue business as usual, bringing readers award-winning, multi-platform coverage of news, food, music and arts in the Bay Area.

In fact, the Weekly has continued to widen its lead over the Guardian, despite the six-year legal distraction.

Bonus: The SF Appeal has more.

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