Blogger Predicts Our Demise and Criticizes LA Weekly’s Website

In case you missed it, a blogger named Josh Rosenblatt devoted 842 words on the Huffington Post this morning to an opinion piece that was titled “Hoping to Compensate for Their Waning Influence, Alt-Weeklies Sacrifice Quality for Sensory Overload.” Young Mr. Rosenblatt — who, it says here, freelances for the Austin Chronicle and Texas Observer! — says we (i.e., alt-weeklies) are going out of business so we’re getting desperate, and that has led us to build overbusy websites. But the only website he references is

This isn’t the type of thing that we generally provide a platform for, but since it was on Huffington Post we figured we might as well tell you about it here, from behind the comfort of our members-only wall.