Boise Weekly Publishes Scholarly Supplement in Collaboration With Boise State

The inaugural edition of the Boise State University project The Blue Review will appear in print thanks to a collaboration with Boise Weekly:

This new publication disseminates relevant work of faculty at Boise State and scholars throughout the region, and helps us demonstrate the many ways that Boise State—and the public university as an institution—is a public good … In addition, The Blue Review will also help scholars to find a new voice in this connected society. We spend much of our time writing dispassionately about arcane topics for an extremely narrow group of colleagues. Writing for the web and for a popular audience forces us to make connections between disciplines, to write with passion and to rediscover the ways that our areas of study really matter in our society.

The first issue focuses on the presidential election and tackles topics ranging from the electoral college to the role race plays in the minds of voters. Boise Weekly publisher Sally Freeman says she anticipates future editions to be published quarterly.