Boston Phoenix Reporter Honored by John Jay College

December 5, 2005

Boston Phoenix reporter David S. Bernstein has been honored by New York City’s John Jay College for his August 19 special report “The Worst Homicide Squad in America — The Boston Police Department Doesn’t Solve 70 Percent of the City’s Murders.”

On Friday, December 2, John Jay announced that Bernstein’s piece has been awarded its top prize for Excellence in Criminal Justice Reporting in the single-article category.

This is the first year that John Jay College, a branch of the City University of New York that specializes in Criminal Justice, has given the award. The award will be presented on December 15, in New York City.

Coincidentally, the Boston Police Department, responding to a week that saw a record-setting five murders in the city, this weekend arrested 77 people alleged to be involved in violent crimes.

Bernstein’s article:

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