Boston’s Weekly Dig Celebrates Being in Boston, Not Worcester


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BOSTON–The staff of Boston’s Weekly Dig, having recently been mocked on the Web site of the Association of Alternative Newsweeklies by the publisher of Worcester Magazine, announced today that they still live in Boston, as opposed to Worcester.

“Sure, it’s true that WoMag’s ‘Best of … ‘ issue was 12 pages bigger than ours,” said Dig Publisher Chris Rohland, “But the pain of that is easily trumped by the fact that we still live in one of the great American cities, and they’re still in Worcester.”

The offending press release, which appeared at on October 26, mocked Dig President Jeff Lawrence’s contention that the most recent issue, which clocked in at 124 pages, was the first alt-paper ever to reach three figures.

“Did he reach 124 pages? How cute,” said Worcester Magazine Publisher Diane Lieberman. “Not quite as big as ours, but c’est la vie.”

“No question, a 136-page issue would have been sweet,” responded Editor Joe Keohane, noting that if one were to count the stand-alone Belgian Beer Festival Guide the Dig put out, that would have brought the week’s total to 148 pages. “But, then again we’re still in Boston, and they’re still in Worcester.”

Dig President, Jeff Lawrence, could not be reached for comment, but was last seen eating lobster and drinking a Harpoon IPA while walking along Boston’s historic Freedom Trail.

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