Boston’s Weekly Dig Introduces “Virtual Wingman” Service

BOSTON — June 15, 2005 — Boston’s Weekly Dig announces the launch of Virtual Wingman, the free online greeting and entertainment service that combines a Web-based survey with live creative writers and comedians.

The installment of Virtual Wingman is a service of Boston’s Weekly Dig and Boston-based book publisher Arriviste Press, producer of last year’s critically acclaimed humor collection Life As a Loser. Through a simple form found at, Virtual Wingman users enter some basic information about themselves and the object of their affection. Within 48 hours, an Arriviste Press writer will craft a witty e-mail based on the information provided and use it to solicit a date, beg for forgiveness, or simply tell the user’s intended recipient how they feel about them.

“Wanna send an anonymous note to a girl you met last weekend?” said Jeff Lawrence, publisher of Boston’s Weekly Dig “Did you accidentally shrink your boyfriend’s old college sweatshirt, but can’t think of the right way to tell him? Fill out our simple survey, and award-winning writers and comedians will do your dirty work.”

The service is unique because every letter is crafted by a real writer and not generated from an automated template. The service is free; however, the writers reserve the right to refuse requests if they believe a requested message is a hoax, intended to be hateful, or if “they just don’t feel like writing it.”

“Mix one part e-greeting card, one part relationship counselor, and one part those old MadLibs books your parents would give you to keep you occupied during road trips and you’ve got a handle on what Wingman’s about,” said RA Miller, Managing Editor at Arriviste Press.

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