Boston’s Weekly Dig Names Dr. Eric Solomon As Managing Editor

BOSTON – April 4, 2005 — Dr. Eric Solomon has been promoted to managing editor at Boston’s Weekly Dig.

Dr. Solomon, whose previous responsibilities as lifestyle editor of Boston’s Weekly Dig involved overseeing the food and retail sections, will now take a lead role in all facets of the dig’s editorial operations, including policing deadlines, getting freelancers paid in a timely fashion and generally helping editor Joe Keohane to impose some sense of blessed order on what has come to be known as an unruly and increasingly uncontrollable department.

A Northern California native, Dr. Solomon is a graduate of Reed College in Portland, Oregon, where he earned a degree in linguistics. He also holds a doctorate in psychology from Northeastern University in Boston (and you thought we were kidding about the “Dr.”). Prior to coming to the dig, Dr. Solomon worked as a Usability Analyst at Verizon Labs in Waltham, MA. He has also freelanced as a music critic.

With a distribution of 55,000, Boston’s Weekly Dig is a free entertainment weekly newspaper that delivers humor, news and nightlife to young, hip readers. The Dig recently won two prestigious awards for “Reporting on Religious Issues” and “General News Reporting” at the New England Press Association’s (NEPA) Better Newspaper Contest 2004.