C-Ville Weekly Sending Jen Sorensen to Blog the DNC

For Immediate Release
August 22, 2008

Contact information:
Larry Banner
Director of New Media
C-VILLE Weekly
Phone: (434) 817-2749, ext 37

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA — Alt-weekly cartoonist Jen Sorensen, whose comic “Slowpoke” is syndicated in papers around the country, will be descending upon Denver to blog the Democratic National Convention for C-VILLE Weekly. Sorensen will cast her all-probing eye on the proceedings and transmit her observations live on www.c-ville.com from August 24-28.

Says Sorensen: “I look forward to stepping out from behind the drawing board to do some actual reporting. Readers can expect sharp political analysis, nightlife coverage, as well as an interview with the first delegate I find wearing a donkey hat.”

Highlights from Sorensen’s posts will appear in the September 2 print edition of C-VILLE.