C-VILLE Weekly’s ‘Best of’ Issue Goes Glossy

While current discussions about media innovation typically center on web-based technologies including social media and apps, C-VILLE Weekly in Charlottesville, Virginia, is finding that print products in local markets are still in high demand both for advertisers and readers, particularly when a classic concept is reimagined.

For nearly two decades, the newspaper’s annual Best of C-VILLE issue was distributed as the year’s largest edition of the regular weekly publication, but as publisher Aimee Atteberry explored ways to expand the revenue and reach of the popular annual product, she realized it was time to take a leap.

“This year is our 25th anniversary, and I’ve been wanting to do things bigger and better than ever before,” said Atteberry. “So, we took our Best of C-VILLE brand to the next level by releasing it as a stand-alone magazine, full gloss and perfect bound–a true coffee table-style magazine.”

Sales for the issue increased 25 percent over last year, and the paper’s combined distribution that week doubled to 50,000.

“We’re hoping to see it grow even further next year,” added Atteberry.