Casco Bay Weekly Suspends Publication


The Portland weekly newspaper, Casco Bay Weekly, has suspended publication, publisher Lael Morgan announced today. “The reason is simple,” Morgan said. “We have been able to deliver a newspaper of significance to our 77,000 readers but have not been successful in achieving financial independence.”

“This newspaper has been a vibrant, alternative voice for readers in the Portland metropolitan area for 14 years and will surely be missed,” she said. “It has earned its role as the journalistic soul of Portland by representing the many diverse voices of this community and doing so in the style of its ‘Think for Yourself’ motto.”

“My deepest sadness at this time is that the wonderful and creative people who have been writing, producing, selling and distributing CBW will not be here to repeat their efforts next week. This community will miss their efforts,” said Morgan.

Casco Bay Weekly was founded in 1988 as a classic alternative weekly by daily newspaper escapees Monte Paulsen and Gary Santaniello. It was sold to present owner Dodge Morgan in 1990 for essentially the same financial reasons as its current termination.

“The losses and the actuarial tables plod on,” said Morgan, “and we have been unable to woo a replacement financial angel. The conclusion became obvious.”