Casco Bay Weekly to Reopen

For Release Monday – December 30, 2002

The popular Portland weekly newspaper, Casco Bay Weekly, will reopen in January under new management. eXit Capital Group, a Maine based company specializing in developing succession plans for community based businesses purchased the stock of Maine Publishing Corp. from Dodge and Lael Morgan for an undisclosed sum on Friday, December 20th and intends to operate the company under the existing name. Many of the former employees will soon be back at their desks and several other positions are available.

“We are very happy that someone saw the value of having the Casco Bay Weekly remain a vibrant part of the Portland community and wish the new management group well in all of their endeavors,” Dodge Morgan said. “We have had many calls wondering when the next issue was coming out. Now we have an answer!”

Casco Bay Weekly was founded in 1988 as a classic alternative weekly. The new management group will seek community participation as it re-positions the brand in and around Portland.