Announces RSS Feeds for Online Content

MINNEAPOLIS — June 21, 2005 — is proud to present RSS feeds for all City Pages content including daily-recommended A-List events. RSS, or Real Simple Syndication, will allow City Pages readers to access City Pages content as soon as it’s posted, using an RSS aggregator.

All RSS feeds are indexed and available at

The City Pages RSS feeds also allow you to pick and choose news and arts content by subject and/or author, as well as blog updates by City Pages staff members. In essence, City Pages RSS feeds will allow the reader to craft the City Pages content to fit their exact needs, whether it’s movie reviews, sports updates, daily entertainment recommendations, or content from their favorite City Pages writers such as Dara Moskowitz, Steve Perry, Rob Nelson, Britt Robson, etc.

Windows users can access City Pages RSS feeds with aggregators such as Feed Reader and Feed Demon, and Mac OS users can access them such aggregators as Pheeder and Newsfire. City Pages RSS feeds can also be accessed through browser-based aggregators such as Bloglines. More information about RSS feeds and aggregators can be found on our RSS page:, where you can also select the dozens of feed options City Pages has to offer.

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For additional information, please contact:

Rachael Crew Direct: 612.343.9509 Cell: 612.384.0848