Presents Corpus Obscura, an Alternative Twist on Obits

Corey Anderson

When famous celebrities, athletes, and politicians pass away, the remembrances are splashed across television screens, newspaper headlines, and in news and entertainment weeklies. But what about the first black Navy diver, the man who invented the blue screen, or the only American woman to participate in the Second Vatican Council? Corpus Obscura ( remembers those scientific researchers, songwriters, civil rights pioneers, character actors, war heroes, and other significant contributors to our culture who’s faces and names never graced a magazine cover. Recent remembrances:

• The saxophonist who shouted “Tequila!” in “Tequila!”
• The only person to catch an NFL touchdown pass from Tom Landry
• The first female American jockey

Corpus Obscura honors these notable figures and gives readers fascinating glimpses into anonymous, yet extraordinary lives.
Corpus Obscura Remembering those whose achievements vastly exceeded their fame