Cleveland Scene and Miami New Times Team Up To Donate LeBron Jerseys to Homeless

After the Miami Coalition for the Homeless balked at efforts to collect unwanted LeBron James jerseys in Cleveland and distribute them to Miami area homeless shelters, Cleveland’s Scene and Miami New Times are stepping in to make it happen. From Scene web editor Vince Grzegorek:

Donate your stuff to The Wino and Gold LeBron Jersey Drive and we’ll personally make sure your formerly cherished items are given directly to a person of need in Miami. No, really. The good folks at Miami New Times will distribute the collection themselves.

We know you were too lazy to donate or burn your stuff this summer. It’s still sitting in your closet, or a box, and we want it. Please.

Over at Miami New Times, Gus Garcia-Roberts says that the donated items will be distributed before the NBA season, which starts on Oct. 26.

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