Cleveland Scene Investigation Prompts Ohio Innocence Project to Seek Release of Man Imprisoned for 39 Years

A man wrongfully convicted and imprisoned for 39 years is a step closer to going free thanks to an investigation by Cleveland Scene‘s Kyle Swenson:

Back in 2011, Scene published an investigative story on a 1975 robbery-homicide that sent three young boys to prison. Although the low-profile shooting barely dented the newspapers at the time, 35 years after the fact, the case would prove to be one of the great injustices in Cleveland history.

As our story showed, the three men — Rickey Jackson (18), and brothers Wiley (20) and Ronnie Bridgeman (17) — were sent to jail for something they didn’t do. Both Jackson and Wiley Bridgeman are still in prison to this day.

Yesterday, lawyers from the Ohio Innocence Project filed motions in Cuyahoga County court on behalf of Ricky Jackson, who is now 59 years old, to finally free him from prison. The filings for post-conviction relief confirm what Scene laid out in the feature: the only piece of evidence linking the three to the crime — the testimony of a 13-year-old boy — was a lie.

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