Creative Loafing Atlanta Editor Eric Celeste Signs Off

Creative Loafing (Atlanta) editor-in-chief Eric Celeste is departing after one year at the helm and will return to Dallas:

“This was entirely a personal decision,” Celeste says. “I don’t have a full-time gig lined up. I think the paper moving forward needs someone committed to the city. Despite the obvious turmoil the paper and industry has undergone, we’ve managed to assemble such a young and talented staff that does fantastic work every day.”

Celeste writes in his final column:

Complaining about [Creative Loafing] is a pastime in Atlanta, and I get that: Change is hard, and CL has gone through a lot of change. But this group I’m leaving behind is fantastic — Thomas Wheatley, Debbie Michaud, Joeff Davis, Rodney Carmichael, Chad Radford, Max Blau, Stephanie Dazey, Alicia Carter, Clay Duda, Vené Franco, Dustin Chambers, Amanda Croy, as well as regular writers like John Sugg, Gwynedd Stuart, Charles Bethea, Rembert Browne, Cliff Bostock, Curt Holman, Andrew Alexander, Allison Keene, Brad Kaplan, and dozens of others. They tell the story of this city like no one else. The lesson from them is this: Do great work, every day. You’ll not only survive, you’ll thrive.

Publisher Sharry Smith informed staff last week that she is interviewing internal candidates to replace Celeste.

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