Creative Loafing Charlotte Presents Jeff Hahne’s Homebrew

The first edition of our new local CD series


JAN. 23, 2008 — Charlotte’s Creative Loafing has released the first edition of a new CD series entitled, Creative Loafing presents Jeff Hahne’s Homebrew.

The 12-track CD, the Winter Harvest 2008 edition, is a collection of independently released music from the Charlotte area. Featuring a bit of everything from hip-hop to Americana, blues to alternative rock, the artists who are featured released music in the second half of 2007. Future editions are planned for seasonal releases.

Submissions were sent to music editor Jeff Hahne via email, the U.S. postal service and MySpace. Approximately 40 entries were received and then narrowed down through various criteria to ensure a diverse collection would be presented.

Among the artists featured on the disc are Erika Blatnik, critic’s choice for Best Female Vocalist in CL’s 2007 “Best of” edition, Bayou Butch Lucas, who has been in bands for Al Green, Aretha Franklin and Jackie Wilson, and The New Familiars, whose EP, The Storm, was named in Hahne’s Top 10 albums of 2007. The CD was mastered by Rob Tavaglione for Catalyst Recording in Charlotte, N.C.

The CD will be distributed at local music stores, at local concerts and at a CD release party to be held on Monday, Feb. 18 at The Evening Muse. The first edition will be limited.

Track listing for the Winter Harvest 2008 edition is as follows:

1. Erika Blatnik: “…Glisten…”
2. Blue Static: “Leap of Faith”
3. Gigi Dover: “Crazy Molly”
4. Holster: “Spy vs. Spy”
5. Junque Gallery: “Stuck in the Middle”
6. Bayou Butch Lucas: “Lunch Break”
7. Masonboro Boys: “Eliza”
8. Nelace: “Like This”
9. The New Familiars: “Got This Disease”
10. S.O.Stereo: “Just Like a Stone”
11. Silent Weapons: “Driving”
12. Transmission Fields: “While I Sleep”

For more information, contact music editor Jeff Hahne at (704) 944-3608 or

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