Dan Savage + Boston’s Weekly Dig = Savage Love

Award Winning Columnist Returns to his Boston Roots

BOSTON, MA (March 22, 2006) – After an almost two-year hiatus, Dan Savage’s award winning sex-advice column, Savage Love, returns to Boston’s Weekly Dig, the area’s fastest growing alternative weekly.

“We’re extremely excited to have him back in our book. Not only is Savage Love a fantastic read, squarely targeted towards our young, vibrant demographic, but Dan’s got a great body. If I ran into him in an elevator in San Diego, and we werent both married, and I wasn’t straight, I’d ask him out,” said Jeff Lawrence, the presumably-heterosexual-but-occasionally-homoerotic President and Founder of Boston’s Weekly Dig.

Dig Editor Joe Keohane was not available for comment, but wanted everyone to know that he’s “really fucking happy, too” about Savage Love’s return.

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