Dan Savage to Host AltWeekly Awards Luncheon

The past six months have been a busy time for the Stranger‘s editorial director and syndicated sex columnist. He advocated for a boycott of Utah in the wake of Proposition 8’s passage in California, which got him into a spat with AAN’s own Salt Lake City Weekly; his paper was a target of anti-gay death threats; and he publicly announced he’s running for mayor of Seattle, promising to resign upon being sworn in.

Now he’s been tapped to reprise his role as host of the AltWeekly Awards Luncheon at this year’s AAN Convention.

Based on past performances, several questions remain about Savage’s appearance in Tucson. Will shots of Jim Beam be served to award winners? Will they be forced to disrobe? Will Savage remain in an upright, standing position throughout the ceremony?

When reached via email today, Savage gave us a hint as to what to expect.

“I look forward to passing out awards until I pass out,” he said. “So many categories, so many excuses to take a shot.”

The Awards Luncheon, which will honor the winners of this year’s AltWeekly Awards, will be held Friday, June 26. The 32nd Annual AAN Convention is scheduled for June 25-27 in Tucson.

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