David Carr to Speak in Toronto

AAN prodigal son David Carr has been confirmed to speak at the the 2010 Annual Convention in Toronto. The former Washington City Paper editor will take time away from his prolific twittering and columnizing for the New York Times to explain how the rise of user-generated content and social media has changed the way readers, er, consumers obtain information. In a Saturday morning session, Carr will impart his wisdom on how to rise above the clutter (hint: teach your pet to play a musical instrument) and stay on top of the news feed.

Never one to shy away from new technology, Carr wrote in January that the yet to be unveiled iPad would be “an opportunity to renew the romance between printed material and consumer.” So come renew the romance with AAN in Toronto and join this discussion about what new media and crowdsourcing–along with some brand-new terms that Carr will invent on the spot–mean for the future of professionally generated content.