David Carr Visits With Brugmann

In his New York Times column, “The Media Equation,” David Carr pays a visit to the San Francisco Bay Guardian‘s Bruce Brugmann, whose office is described as “a museum to the glories of the printed artifact.”

The piece rehashes many of the familiar plot lines in the everlasting SFBG / SF Weekly court battle, but also contains some good nuggets such as the fact that Brugmann doesn’t expect to ever receive the full settlement amount and isn’t keeping track of the accumulated legal costs:

“I don’t think we have ever totaled it up because it made us feel bad when we looked.”

The article also has VVM Executive Editor Michael Lacey quoted as saying that SF Weekly will appeal to the California Supreme Court, a fact that AAN has independently confirmed with VVM’s Andy Van De Voorde.

In one telling line, Carr writes, “So far, the only thing that The Bay Guardian has to show for the litigation is a lot of legal bills and two old delivery vans from the SF Weekly that it managed to repossess.”

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