Deadline to Apply for AAN Membership is Friday, Feb. 17

The application deadline for publications to apply for membership to the Association of Alternative Newsmedia (AAN) is Friday, Feb. 17.

Online-only news publications are welcome to apply for membership. These publications will be subject to the same standards that have been used for print publications.

In 2011, The American Independent News Network became AAN’s first online-only member.


About the Process

AAN’s Membership Committee evaluates each applying publication based on the quality of their local news content, arts coverage, calendar listings and design. The committee also considers whether the ownership of applying publications reflects and advances the values set forth in the organization’s bylaws.

Prior to AAN’s annual convention, the committee prepares a short report and recommendation on each applicant. These recommendations are posted online during the convention. Every member publication has one vote and approval by a two-thirds majority of the members present (or voting by proxy) is required for admission.

The 2012 convention will be held June 7-9 in Detroit. Applying publications are not required to be present to apply for membership, but are strongly encouraged to attend, as the annual convention is one of the greatest benefits of membership. Under certain circumstances, applicants may also have the opportunity to speak on their own behalf at the general meeting.

If you have any additional questions about membership, please call 202-289-8484 or email Debra Silvestrin.