DiamondSoft Signs Modulo as Global Distributor

Cambridge, MA – September 17, 2001 – DiamondSoft, Inc. announced today that it has named Modulo Systems Corporation, an industry-leading supplier of publishing software, as global distributor for its award-winning font management products: Font Reserve and Font Reserve Server.

“After a long association with DiamondSoft and the Font Reserve Product, Modulo brings the Font Reserve products into our family of publishing solutions,” says Lee Silverman, president and CEO of Modulo Systems. “Font management is often overlooked application that can cost valuable time and expense when no solution is available. Font Reserve provided the tools and the environment to solve this problem. With Font Reserve product, we solve the typeface mystery as well as the hazards of font redundancy and illegality with effortless precision on an entire enterprise network.”

This agreement with DiamondSoft demonstrates Modulo Systems’ continuing commitment to the publishing industry. Modulo is a global full-service distributor of QuarkXPress and is the exclusive distributor of QPS – the editorial workflow and content management system used by more than 800 leading newspaper, magazine and diverse content publishers worldwide. “Modulo Systems has recognized the value that this product can add to the marketplace, and is excited to be acting as a major distributor of Font Reserve,” says Amanda Russell, director of global business development and marketing for Modulo.

Responding to the agreement with Modulo, Brian Berson, president and founder of DiamondSoft, says, “Signing Modulo to distribute DiamondSoft products is a major step in securing further marketshare for DiamondSoft worldwide. We are excited to see Modulo’s commitment to the publishing industry and equipping the market with the tools they need to ensure their customers’ success.”

In addition, Berson states, “Modulo Systems fits well into our distribution structure, extending DiamondSoft’s reach by providing increased access to our products. We are certainly impressed with the organizational structure and technical competence of Modulo Systems.”

About Font Reserve and Font Reserve Server

Font Reserve, developed by DiamondSoft, Inc. takes a new approach to managing fonts. Unlike other products that are designed primarily to activate fonts, Font Reserve is a true font manager that takes advantage of new, sophisticated database technology. Font Reserve is a completely integrated, background application that collects detailed font data, checks for corruption, provides auto activation, and manages actual font resources.

Font Reserve Server is based on the same database technology and architecture as Font Reserve Single User. It extends the capabilities of Font Reserve to allow multiple users to share, access, activate, and use fonts from a single source. Administrative controls ensure proper use and access of fonts.

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About DiamondSoft, Inc.

DiamonSoft, Inc., based in Mill Valley, Calif., was founded in 1995 to solve the management problems of the publishing industry. Its mission is to provide software tools that enable professionals to focus on the creative aspects of their jobs, letting the computer handle the mundane and laborious aspects.

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About Modulo Systems

Modulo Systems provides open solutions that streamline, automate, and enhance the publishing process. QPS, Modulo’s flagship editorial workflow product, is used by over 800 leading newspaper, magazine and corporate publishers worldwide. Modulo recently introduced an advertising production system – gadgets. Modulo is also a global distributor of QuarkXPress, INposition, QuarkWrapture and the award winning Font Reserve – font management client/server system.

Our goal is to introduce a steady stream of innovations that continue to empower you with world-class publishing capabiliites. Modulo is actively pursuing best-of-breed solutions for specific market segments and will bring them to market via our global network of resellers and system integrators.

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