Dig Boston A&E Editor to Depart

After three storied years as a writer, editor, and taste-maker in residence for the Dig, our very own Arts and Entertainment Editor, Hilary Fucking Hughes will be moving on, pursuing freelancing full-time in New York, with her last day in office being August 22nd. At some point in this line of work, you have to decide if you’re gonna be behind the black pen writing the words or red one crossing ’em out, and not only do I respect Hilary’s decision, I envy the hell out her for making it.

Hilary and I were part of the same group of full-time hires back in 2010, and since then, she’s gone on to become a principal part of what makes the Dig the greatest voice in Boston media, as well one of my closest friends. And as sad as I am to see her go—both personally and professionally—all of that is overshadowed by how incredibly fortunate I feel that we were able to have her at all. We are stronger, better brand for what she has done, and for she what will inspire us to do.

On behalf of the Dig staff, I would like wish Hilary the best of luck in her future pursuits—even though we all know she isn’t going to need it—and extend the warmest reminder that no matter where she ends up, there will always be a home for her here. Unless we end up moving somewhere with cheaper rent. But hey, we have your e-mail, we’ll let you know if anything happens.

The Dig is currently reviewing applications for the Arts and Entertainment position, please send all inquiries to myself at JPat@digboston.com

— J. Patrick Brown, Editor, Dig Boston

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