Dig Boston Reporter Takes on Both Left and Right in New eBook: I Killed Breitbart

Boston-based journalist and curmudgeon candidate for Massachusetts governor Chris Faraone spent the first few months of last year hopping between radio and press appearances to argue with dipshits and promote his book on the Occupy Wall Street movement, 99 Nights with the 99 Percent. In traveling to more than a dozen states, he clashed with countless conservatives including hosts and callers on the right-wing WRKO in his adopted home of New England, where he’s spent the past decade writing for alternative news outlets.

On February 27, 2012, Faraone faced his ugliest opponent yet – the incendiary blog tornado Andrew Breitbart. They scrapped, took a few bites out of one another, and at the urging of producers at the station, agreed to a rematch one week later. They never got a chance to dance, though, as Breitbart died from heart failure the next day. In the weeks that followed, the army of assholes who worship his unique brand of right-wing baloney attacked Faraone ferociously, dragging him into the toxic underbelly grumbling beneath American politics.

Following an introduction by satirical anarchist icon Vermin Supreme, BOOK ONE of I Killed Breitbart opens with Faraone’s story of countering conservative Goliaths. In the 8,000-word title chapter, the critically applauded polemicist casts asses like Breitbart and Sean Hannity into history’s trash can alongside slave owners and Klansmen. Following those tales about Team Breitbart, Faraone has included an expanded version of his viral feature, “The Trials of Nadia Naffe,” part of which first appeared in the now-defunct Boston Phoenix.

BOOK TWO (subtitle: Countless Other Causes of Conservative Consternation) is split into three sections: The Right, The Left, and The Fuzz – each comprising remixes of Faraone’s finest field reporting from the past three years. In The Right, he hangs with hardcore libertarians, militiamen, Glenn Beck fanatics, and rapture warriors. For The Left, he blends updates of previously published work with new original gems from post-encampment Occupy actions, a number of which involve police brutally arresting a number of journalists including Faraone himself.

A robust and descriptive portrait of America’s most loathsome creeps and ideologues, I Killed Breitbart balances real concern for the state of national sanity with a less-than-subtle mockery of everything from pop culture to religion. In the works for more than a year, the book also packs exclusive pics from the front lines of Faraone’s travels, plus previously unreleased road dispatches including a Republican counterpart to his hallucinatory adventures at the last Democratic National Convention. It’s not your typical political reporting.

AMAZON: I Killed Breitbart… and countless other causes of conservative consternation by Chris Faraone

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