Dig Radio Boston Hits Reboot

BOSTON, MA — Dig Boston announced today that they are suspending operations at Dig Radio Boston, their streaming radio station, and hitting reboot at an undetermined time in the future, effective at the end of day, Friday, March 14.

Launched in 2013, the station was part of a brand extension plan for Dig Publishing, however the company has decided to focus on other key areas of growth, while the streaming industry continues to evolve and find it’s place in the media landscape.

“Since the day we launched, Dig Radio Boston redefined what it meant to be a streaming radio station in Boston, and as we hit the reboot and step back to focus on other core areas of business. We couldn’t be more proud of what we’ve accomplished in such a short period of time,” said Jeff Lawrence, founder and owner of Dig Publishing.

“That said, streaming radio is still finding it’s legs and when the time is right for us to relaunch, we’ll be back, “ he added.

John Loftus, Technical Director, and Lisa Finelli, Program Director, the stations two full time employees will end their tenure this Friday. In addition, the individual programming and live shows, will also end Friday.

“We are all extremely proud and lucky to have worked with such an incredibly talented group of individuals and I have no doubt that we will work with many of them again at some point,” Lawrence added.

“It’s difficult, but after 15+ years, making decisions like this are the reason we remain the only alternative media company still in Boston. We’re focused on long term strategies, not short term goals.”

Founded in 1999, Dig Boston and digboston.com are Boston’s always witty and never dull guide to nightlife, opinion and events. Dig Boston is also Boston’s ONLY alternative voice and can be found online, as well as weekly inside hundreds of orange, black or otherwise strange looking colored boxes around the city and beyond, and inside your favorite places throughout the area, as well as littered throughout the social media wasteland of Twitter, Facebook and everything else trendy that week.

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