Directory to Draw Circulation Data From Auditors

AAN plans to publish a new 2003-04 directory this fall with circulation numbers drawn from independent audits for the first time.

The information for each member’s directory page will be taken from their Web site page as it appears on July 28, 2003. Any changes made to the Web site past that date will not appear in the published directory.

AAN Director of Sales and Marketing Roxanne Cooper will obtain AAN-member audited circulation figures directly from both ABC and VAC; those figures will be posted by AAN on each member’s Web site page and will be published in the print directory along with the name of the audit company. She will also contact member papers that are not audited by ABC or VAC to determine their circulation figures. Circulation data supplied by third-party auditors other than ABC or VAC will be attributed to those auditors, while circulation figures provided by papers that are not audited will be designated as “unaudited.”

The change in how circulation figures appear on member pages in the online and print directories was approved by the AAN Board at its February 2003 meeting and refined at the June 5 Board meeting in Pittsburgh. At its meeting in June, the AAN Board ruled that gross circulation figures will be cited to normalize differences in the standards of different independent auditing organizations.

Each AAN paper has one or more “administrators” who have access to the “Tools” section of the AAN Web site in order to revise their directory page. Any questions about the process or timeline for producing the new directories should be directed to Communications Director Lyda Phillips at or (202) 822-1955.