‘Distasteful’ Seattle Weekly Cover Removed From State Ferries

Copies of Seattle Weekly were removed from all Washington State Ferries this week because of a cover featuring U.S. Senator Patty Murray covered in pork — ostensibly demonstrating her ability to secure earmarks for her state.

Responding to the Weekly‘s Chris Kornelis, a spokesperson for the ferries explained:

We thought it was distasteful. We pulled one I think three years ago when it was a caricature of Sweeney Todd slashing Santa’s throat during the holidays. We decided to pull it because we thought it was denigrating to women. It was not in keeping with what we want our customers to have to view. I thought it forwarded a disrespectful attitude toward a public figure.

She went on to say that “putting a woman in a meat suit is just not something that we would condone.”