East Bay Express’ Best of the East Bay Party Entertains 10,000 People


On August 7th, the East Bay Express hosted 10,000 people at the Best of the East Bay Party. Held at the Oakland Museum of California, attendees were presented with over thirty bands; fifty international dancers; comedians, graffiti, tattoo and visual artists; sixty indie fashion designers; a Harley-Davidson and tattoo art show; a classic pinball arcade; a kid’s party zone with young rock bands and science projects; and a professional contact sports ring with talent ranging from Pro Wresting to Kung Fu competitions.

In its second year, the Best of the East Bay Party has quickly become one of the region’s most well-received events. East Bay Express publisher Jody Colley summed up the event by saying, “Our goal was to throw a free community party that truly celebrates what we love most about the East Bay, and that’s its depth of talent, creativity and diversity. This party offers outstanding cultural entertainment value for everyone, all ages and all walks of life.”

The event was broadcast live on the Express’ website and will be featured at a later date on the internet radio site, Pandora.com. The event website has more information as well as photo and video galleries: www.EastBayExpress.WordPress.com

Read below what event attendees and participants had to say:

“We had one of the best experiences ever playing the East Bay Express Best of the East Bay show and we’ve heard back from people in the audience that this was a great event. We (the band) are just so pleased that an event of this caliber happened on our home turf. As for the line-up, (the Express) really worked to represent the full range of Bay Area music, including its harder edge often overlooked in other Bay Area circles. It felt like a coming out party for us as Oaklanders and Oakland music in general. An overflowing crowd of all ages proved that Oakland needs and deserves this kind of celebration, outcry, voice, whatever. We hope (the Express will be) able to continue the tradition. Events like this will give every other festival a run for their money — true hope for Oakland. Finally!” — Genevieve Gagon, The Heavenly States (performers on the Main Stage)

“My hat is off, as are my glasses and all other accessories — that was the best party I’ve seen in Oakland since … hell, ever.” — Kevin Seal, Executive Producer, Pandora.com

“It’s so inspiring to see something like this come off smoothly and to see everyone enjoying themselves so much. The people watching was as-good-as-it-gets! So much great music, art, food and creative stuff! East Bay R-U-L-E-S!” — Marc Weinstein, Owner, Amoeba Music

“The East Bay Express, each year, stages this one event that brings the East Bay Music scene of all genres together for the best summer outdoor party that draws audiences from all backgrounds. It makes you proud that you are from this area and a part of this close-knit community!” — Larry Trujillo, The Uptown Nightclub, Oakland

“As Goapele sang and poured her heart and soul into her music, and the crowd no doubt ruminated on how wonderful it was to have such a positive event happening in Oakland — a city so long mired in a negative light — I glanced out at the sea of happy faces of all races, ages, and orientations enraptured by the Oakland born-and-bred artist and I thought, Damn, it’s so good to be here in Oakland, California and to be a part of this memorable event! Only twelve months until Best of the East Bay 2010!” — BillyJam, Amoeba Music

“The East Bay Express throws the best community parties I’ve ever seen. Two years in a row, the Best of the East Bay party has blown me away, with thousands of people eating, drinking, dancing and observing crazy performances that can only be found in the Bay Area. It’s so much fun to see the diversity of the East Bay community represented in both the guests and the performers, and to see families, college students, adults, all celebrating together on a warm summer night in Oakland. It’s like a Midwest county fair meets Coachella meets a burlesque show.” — Erin Kilmer-Neel, Program Officer, OneCalifornia Foundation (event’s nonprofit recipient)

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