East Bay Express Launches Small Biz Publication

The Express’ Small Business Monthly will launch in February 2010 and “will focus on local reporting of small business issues in our region,” according to an email sent out by publisher Jody Colley. “In a broader purpose,” she continues, “it will also serve to inform community members, investors, entrepreneurs and policy leaders on how integral our ‘Main Street’ independent businesses are to a healthy and sustainable local economy.”

The new publication will be inserted in the Express on the last Wednesday of every month with the first edition slated for Wednesday, Jan. 27, 2010.

Here’s more from the email:

Readers will find a wide range of topics covered in the Small Business Monthly. Below are some of the regular features you will find:

  • Buy Curious: Retail news, store openings, store closings, news about sales
  • Small Business Roundtables: How-to stories, consultant Q&A’s, how to optimize revenue, entrepreneurialism
  • Money: Money-management strategies, cost control, budget line-item of the month
  • Ethical Business: Triple bottom line, best practices, environmental issues, good HR practices, gold-star investment practices
  • Town Business: Government column, regulatory round-up, development issues that affect small business
  • Profile: Profiles of businesses and business leaders
  • Calendar: Events, classes, seminars, street fairs, block parties

The Small Business Monthly will also highlight a different industry sector each month. The Industry Calendar for the next 12 months will be as follows:

February – Law, Accounting and Professional Services
March – Nonprofits
April – Environmental
May – Hospitality and Tourism
June – Real Estate and Construction
July – Local Manufacturing
August – Education
September – Arts
October – Finance and Insurance
November – Retail
December – Technology, Telecommunications and Internet
January – Healthcare and Medicine