East Bay Express Opens Art Gallery

The East Bay Express announces the Express Gallery located in Jack London Square, Oakland. The gallery exhibits well-known and up-and-coming artists. The current show, “A Decade With No Name,” debuted at the Express‘ Best of the East Bay Party and runs through mid-September. The show was curated by the Express in partnership with Spoke Art and fiftyseven-thirtythree. The Express‘ first show culls together a fascinating cross sectioning of the best fine art, street art, photography and installation works by East Bay artists. The exhibit also features original poster art from one of the Black Panthers founders, which will strike gallery-goers as surprisingly relevant in the current art scene.

“The Express Gallery is also an urban development project,” says Publisher, Jody Colley. “We wanted to activate some empty real estate in Oakland, and there is no better way to do that than with local art. The gallery space is generously donated by the property manager, and the Express is declining any commission on art sales. This is a huge win for local artists looking for high-quality art space to show and sell their work.”

Art blog, Warholian.com, produced this video of the opening night show: