Editorial Webinars: Demystifying Polls & Excellent Poll Writing

AAN has partnered with the American Association for Public Opinion Research for two critical presentations on demystifying, and writing about, public opinion polls.

Demystifying Polls

Tuesday, March 20, 3pm Eastern

Reporters are bombarded with polls every day, on issues from politics and government to sports and
health. How can you sort through the reams of data to pinpoint reliable and relevant gauges of what
the public thinks? How can you avoid biased and poorly conducted polls that will mislead your readers?

Participants will learn:

  • Insider intelligence on the nuts and bolts polls

  • How to vet and evaluate poll quality, learn when to trust it and when to spike it

  • Cell phones, robo-polls and internet surveys – what they mean for accuracy

  • How to tell when a candidate is really ahead in an election poll

  • Where to find that elusive poll number you’re looking for

  • How to interview a pollster


    Excellent Poll Writing
    Thursday, March 29, 3pm Eastern

    In this webinar you’ll learn how to use polls to add context to compelling anecdotes, upturn
    conventional wisdom and add keen insight to your writing.

    Participants will learn:

  • Where to quickly find relevant polling data on issues you are writing about

  • How to creatively weave polling data narratives and long-form pieces

  • How polls can help frame characters as an exemplar or exception of larger social phenomena

  • Where to go for advice on using unfamiliar polling sources

  • Essentials to conducting an enterprise poll for your publication