Eugene Weekly Receives Package of Manure Intended for Gustavo Arellano

The Eugene Weekly received a package — politely addressed “C/O Ask A Mexican” — which contained horse manure and a note (written in ALL CAPS) which read:



Unfortunately for the sender, ¡Ask A Mexican! columnist Gustavo Arellano wasn’t on hand to personally receive this touching display of affection. Although Arellano’s syndicated column appears in the Eugene Weekly — as it does in alt-weeklies across the U.S. — he’s actually a staff writer at OC Weekly, whose offices are 900 miles to the south of Eugene, Ore.

The love-fest continues in the comments section, with readers offering various insults, humor, and the occasional piece of poetry.

In an added touch, the return address on the package was listed as the University of Oregon chapter of MEChA, which is a student association for Mexican-Americans that has long served as a political punching bag for conservatives, a topic which Arellano addressed in a 2006 opinion piece in the Los Angeles Times.

This episode has us curious: What other goodies have AAN writers received in the mail? Send your tales to jason[at] or leave them in the comments section below.

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