Faux-Alt Metromix to Cease Publication in Indianapolis

Gannett’s Indianapolis Star will no longer print its faux alt-weekly publication, Metromix, according to the Indianapolis Business Journal.

Created eight years ago under the name INtake, the weekly paper was an attempt to attract a young readership. Since it has not in recent years, the company will instead let it exist as a website.

Kevin McKinney, editor and publisher of NUVO, had this to say of the situation:

“We’ve known for several years the readership was declining,” said McKinney. “The product wasn’t being well embraced.”

Citing numbers from a recent audit by Houston-based firm Media Audit, McKinney said Metromix‘s weekly readership was about half of NUVO‘s 212,000.

“It was failing and it cost them a ton of money,” McKinney said.

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