Gambit Staffer: Thank You For Relief Fund

I just read the posting about the AAN’s Gambit Relief Fund and the astounding response from member newspapers. It brought tears to my eyes, something I haven’t allow for myself since fleeing New Orleans for what I thought was a three-day refuge in Baton Rouge. I since have relocated to Northwest Arkansas, where my parents live, enrolled my 15-year-old daughter in school here and tried to support my two children through what I’ve come to recognize as post-traumatic stress syndrome.

We are OK and have witnessed many acts of great kindness from strangers who want to help all the victims of this natural disaster, but none so personal as this relief fund. The poignancy, for me, is not so much the possibility of receiving money but in the depth of concern expressed by people I don’t personally know but whose work I’ve admired over the years and the recognition that we at Gambit are considered a part of such a humane brotherhood.

Thanks to everyone for your concern and generosity of heart.

Kandace Power Graves
Special Sections Editor
Gambit Weekly

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