Halifax’s The Coast to Launch Online Longform Magazine

The Coast has announced a collaborative project to create an online magazine called The Deep which will serve Eastern Canada:

Creatively, The Deep is audacious: We want to publish a great Atlantic story every month, the kind of writing that wouldn’t be out of place in The New Yorker or raved about on longform.org. We want to provide a new forum for Atlantic journalists to show what they can do with a story when given the space, time and resources to really dig in and go deep. We’re inspired by some of the ambitious digital storytelling that’s been revitalizing this kind of #longreads writing elsewhere, and we want to put an east-coast spin on it.

screen-shot-2016-11-01-at-10-00-07-pmWe also want to bring The Deep to audiences with live events like the storytelling nights that we’ve already started hosting. (With the next one, November 3 in Saint John, The Deep officially goes inter-provincial.)

The financial goals are modest, for now: The Deep aims to launch in mid-2017, and finance the first half-year of stories with a Kickstarter campaign, currently underway. Every dollar we take in from this campaign will go to­ writers, photographers and illustrators creating The Deep’s first stories.