Honolulu Weekly Purchases Hawai’i Island Journal

HONOLULU — May 3, 2005 — Laurie V. Carlson, publisher of Honolulu Weekly, an independent newspaper on Oahu, announced the purchase of Hawai’i Island Journal by Honolulu Weekly, Inc., effective May 2, 2005. Hawai’i Island Journal is a twice-monthly, free-distribution newspaper circulating 22,000 copies throughout the Big Island of Hawai’i.

Hawai’i Island Journal began publishing in 1999 under the ownership of Michael Gibson, who had also founded the former Ka’u Landing magazine. He was joined in 2000 by Lane Wick and Karen Valentine, who, in 2001, assumed ownership of the Journal. Editorial content of the Journal includes viewpoints and feature articles of island issues, including political comment, arts and entertainment, an island calendar, health and wellness topics.

Honolulu Weekly is a similar, alternative-voice newspaper, published weekly, with offices in Honolulu. It was founded in 1991 by Carlson and distributes 45,000 copies on Oahu each week.

The publishers of Hawai’i Island Journal and Honolulu Weekly have shared interests and editorial over the years as they have endeavored to provide alternative and independent news to the residents of Hawai’i.

“The Weekly wishes to preserve the independent, feisty nature of the Hawai’i Island Journal,” said Carlson. “We realize that others were interested in purchasing Hawai’i Island Journal and are pleased that Karen and Lane recognize the value of local, independent ownership. In media, ownership and values do make a difference. I intend to continue their mission of serving the people of the island of Hawai’i and will strive to keep this independent newspaper growing and thriving well into the future.”

“Since we first met Laurie Carlson in 2002 at a workshop organized by the Kauai League of Women Voters to encourage residents of that island to develop local media,” Wick said, “we have found we have had a lot in common in our mission to provide an alternative voice for our communities. Since that time we have hosted conferences for Hawai’i’s independent newspapers, and shared resources and editorial content of interest to both our readerships. Combining the two newspapers formally is a natural outgrowth of these collaborations and should serve to strengthen them both.”

Hawai’i Island Journal’s editorial and advertising departments will remain on the island of Hawai’i, while production and administrative functions will move to Oahu. Lane Wick will continue as editor for the time being.

Contact: Laurie Carlson, Honolulu Weekly, 808-528-1475 x 17