International Paper Buys Donated Ad

With IP Full-Pager, AAN Inventory Sold Out For FY 99.

Fortune 500 company International Paper signed a contract with AAN last week to purchase a full-page ad through the association’s AAN Advantage program (a/k/a “Donated Ad program”).

With the IP sale, AAN’s entire four-page inventory of donated ads is sold out for fiscal year 1999, which ends Sept. 30, 1999.

Athens News Publisher Bruce Mitchell made the sale.

The ad — which is slated to run during a four-week window in April ’99 — will promote “Invent It,” a software/paper product designed for use on home PCs. It is the first four-color ad to be sold through the AAN Advantage program. IP has agreed to pay a premium to compensate every AAN paper for extra color charges.

So far, four half-page ads — half of AAN’s allotment — have run as part of the AAN Advantage program since the beginning of fiscal 99. The two half-pages that remain after the IP purchase have been reserved by Sony Music.

According to AAN Marketing Director Adam Ebbin, IP has the potential to graduate from the AAN Advantage program to regular AWN/Ruxton national advertiser status.

“International Paper is a huge company and this product fits right in with our readership,” says Ebbin.

AAN members who are aware of any potential advertisers who might be interested in running an AAN Advantage Ad in FY 2000 should contact Ebbin at 202/822-1955 or via email at: