IP Cancels AAN Advantage Ad

Cites Change in Marketing Strategy; Additional Space Now Available for Sale in Fiscal '99.

International Paper (IP) has canceled plans to run a full-page, four-color ad through the AAN Advantage program (a/k/a “Donated Ad program”). According to IP, the cancellation was the result of an adjustment in its marketing strategy for “Invent It,” the software/paper product that the ad was to promote.

IP’s action leaves AAN with two unsold half-pages (or one full page) in fiscal year ’99. So far, four half-page ads have been placed through the AAN Advantage program, and two more half-pages that were reserved by Sony Music will run before the fiscal year ends Sept. 30. The AAN Advantage program begins each year with eight half-pages in its inventory.

Under the terms of the cancellation agreement, IP will pay AAN a kill fee if the space remains unsold. In return, AAN has agreed to make every effort to sell the space, which is available to run in a three-week window before Sept. 30.

AAN Advantage ads can be sold to companies or non-profit organizations that have not previously placed a national ad in AAN papers. Black and white half-pages are $40,000 net and full pages are $75,000 net. Selling papers receive a 5% commission. If you are interested in selling an ad through the AAN Advantage program, please contact AAN Marketing Director Adam Ebbin at adame@intr.net or 202-822-1955.