Isthmus Gets “Stitched”

Madison, Wis. — August 25, 2004 — In this week’s Annual Manual issue — our biggest of the year — Isthmus will be stapled. The move to stapling or “stitching” has been underway for some time, and we’re excited to offer this enhancement to our readers, our advertisers and our distributors.

Publisher Vince O’Hern explains: “Though stitching costs more, the process will greatly enhance the value of Isthmus to our readers. We expect longer shelf life, less wastage at distribution points and greater ease in reading the paper. Everyone who has seen the stitched version of Isthmus has liked it better.”

Stitching is part of an ongoing plan to improve our weekly. Over the last few months, you’ve probably noticed crisper, brighter colors, higher print quality and more graphics and photos. More “tweaking” is in store so we can present our readers and advertisers with the best-looking weekly newspaper possible.

This week, in addition to the usual fare, you’ll have the Annual Manual, 148 pages packed with entertaining and informative facts about the Mad City; Madison’s Favorites (the results of our readers poll); restaurant and city resources; and a look back at legendary breweries of the isthmus by beer expert Robin Shepard.

As they say in electronic media, stay tuned for more from Isthmus.

Linda Baldwin
Associate Publisher
(608) 251-5627