Isthmus’ Forum Wins National Press Award

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Forum Wins National Press Award

Madison, Wis. – The Inland Press Association, a national newspaper consultant and research association, announced that “The Daily Page Forum,” has won first place for best interactive online community in the Inland Press Association’s web competition.

Judges for the competition said, “Madison, Wisconsin’s Isthmus has built a powerful online community of literate and opinionated neighbors talking (sometimes arguing) about everything from global and local politics to zoning and transportation issues, digital technology, guitars, entertainment and local art…thanks to artful moderation, an easy-to-use interface and a light hand at the editorial delete key, there’s no sign of a slowdown.”

Director of Digital Media at Isthmus, Jason Joyce credited the members of the community. “The Daily Page Forum, like the Internet at large, benefits from shared experiences. Yes, there are heated political exchanges, but there’s also a good bit of advice sharing and entertaining banter. We built the site, but the Forons made it a worthwhile daily destination for thousands of Madisonians.”

The judges for the Inland Press Association’s competition included Janice Castro, associate dean for new media studies at the Medill School of Journalism, Northwestern University, and included Vivian Vahlberg, former executive director of the Society of Professional Journalists and no director of digital media at the Media Management Center at Northwestern University; Mary Nesbitt, managing director of the Readership Institute and associate dean of curriculum and teaching at Medill; and Jon Marshall, editor and publisher of the newsgems blog carried by the Society of Professional Journalists.

The award will be presented on Tuesday, Mar. 6, at an evening banquet at the Inland Press Association Key Executives Conference at the Westin LaPaloma Resort in Tucson.

In addition to the Inland Press Association award, Isthmus recently won an ADDY®. The Madison Advertising Federation, a local advertising organization, recently announced the winners of the ADDY’s “Advertising – It’s the Good Life!” campaign. On, Saturday, February 17, Isthmus took home a Gold ADDY® Award for “Best Mass Transit Exterior” for its Isthmus | – “More Info…Less Ink” bus board.

For comments or more information about the all of the results, call Isthmus Director of Digital Media, Jason Joyce at 608-251-5627 or e-mail him at