It’s All Journalism: Is Marketing the Devil’s Work?

It’s All Journalism is a weekly conversation about the changing state of the media and the future of journalism.

Some journalists consider marketing to be the work of the Devil.

Eric Bright, vice president of e-commerce at Deseret Digital Media, might actually agree with them.

“Marketers ruin everything,” Bright said, during his presentation last July at the Association of Alternative News Media’s annual conference in Salt Lake City.

With a background in direct marketing, retail and e-commerce, Bright knows of what he speaks. For the past five years, he’s helped provide leadership on DDM’s revenue products, including developing a regional classifieds site larger than Craigslist.

The challenge facing media websites today is finding viable revenue streams that can support good journalism. This is becoming increasingly difficult as companies like Google and Apple introduce technology to empower readers to block website advertising.

This week’s It’s All Journalism podcast is a follow-up phone interview to a recent podcast we ran featuring audio from Bright’s AAN presentation on finding new revenue.

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