Jenna Bush + Henry Hager: National Media Turning to Style Weekly

Style Weekly was the first to report on the burgeoning courtship between first daughter Jenna Bush and Richmonder Henry Hager back in January 2005. Now the couple’s back in the news with the prospect of the first White House wedding in 36 years, and Style Weekly is getting calls from across the country.

Los Angeles news radio KNX interviewed editor Jason Roop about Henry and Jenna when the engagement news broke Aug. 16. Blogs and other online stories that had referred to Style and its stories through the years sent readers clicking to The Web site got 1.3 million page views Aug. 16 (typically it’s around 150,000). The New York Times referred to Style in a political blog; Bloomberg News dropped a mention too.

To round out the week, MSNBC called on the Richmond newsweekly to help add some color to the story. Daytime anchor Chris Jansing interviewed Roop on camera in two live segments Aug. 17.