Joe Keohane Comments on Weekly Dig Cover of Two Men Kissing

Boston, Mass. — September 29, 2005 — “As far as timing of the cover goes, well, the anniversary of the SJC’s same-sex marriage ruling is approaching (Nov 18th) and the Sox and Yanks are neck and neck (so to speak), so what the hell?

“As far as meaning, we decided to do it because it’d make a really striking image; because we wanted to see what would piss people off more, the gay aspect or the Sox-Yanks aspect; and because we wanted to float the theory that sexual tension is the real force behind the heated Sox-Yanks rivalry.

“The photo was conceived and shot by Kelsey Bennett, a Berklee Student and Weekly Dig intern (who also happens to be Tony Bennett’s granddaughter). She’s done a number of photos for us and is ingenious.”

About the Weekly Dig:

With a distribution of 55,000, Boston’s Weekly Dig is a free entertainment weekly newspaper that delivers humor, news and nightlife to young, hip readers. The Dig recently won two prestigious awards for “Reporting on Religious Issues” and “General News Reporting” at the New England Press Association’s (NEPA) Better Newspaper Contest 2004.

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