It’s all Journalism: These may be the 750 best movies of all time

If you’ve listened to Jason Fraley’s previous appearances on our podcast, you know that he is passionate about movies.

Fortunately, his job as the entertainment editor at WTOP Radio in Washington, D.C., affords him the opportunity to share his love for good filmmaking with his audience, both online and on the air.

But even Fraley admits that the daily grind of covering the entertainment scene can get a bit tiring. It’s a challenge sometimes to keep things fresh. So, as a treat for his audience, he created a comprehensive Best Movies of All Time list to help people get through the dog days of August.

As a digital journalist and fan of movies myself, I can attest that people love best movie lists. And Fraley’s list is a great example of how to take a simple idea and roll it out in big way.

Rather than a Top 10 ranking or a Top 100 list like the one released by the American Film Institute, Fraley has brought together 750 great movies and divided them into the Top 25 films in 30 different genres. Every day, from Aug. 1-30, Fraley is teasing out a new genre with a video, which he adds to the interactive blog he’s created. It’s there that he talks to his readers, defending his picks and hearing all about their favorite flicks that he somehow forgot to include.

It’s a massive, fun project that anybody who loves good movies will get lost in.

On this week’s It’s All Journalism, producer Michael O’Connell talks to Jason Fraley, the entertainment editor at WTOP Radio in Washington, D.C., about the Best Movies of All Time list he’s created. The multimedia project includes videos, an interactive blog and a breakdown of 750 great movies into 30 unique categories.